Export Delicious Bookmarks in XML

After the recent takeover of Delicious from Yahoo Inc by Avos and the subsequent total screw-up of what was a workable system I have been struggling to export bookmarks from Delicious in XML format (since the API is badly broken). The API export of all bookmarks limits the export to 1000 bookmark entries. Which is fine if you have less than 1000 bookmarks stored. But it makes it impossible (since there is no paging functionality exposed by the API) to export the rest should you have more (and many people would have much more than that).

After two weeks worth of helpdesk emails from Avos I got this (which does not sound very comforting that these guys well ever get it sorted):

Although we have several engineers, the main guy dealing with API coding has been out with the Flu so progress on this issue is slow. Ever since our launch last week all our engineers have been working and pushing really hard trying to fix bugs so hopefully we can get to this issue soon.

We have a community based thread going on at http://support.delicious.com/delicious/topics/api_related_bugs_and_questions
If you post this up, one of the engineers or other users may be able to chime in. Hope that helps for now. Sorry for any inconveniences.

NOTE: if you only need a simple HTML export go here: http://delicious.com/settings/bookmarks/export


After some digging I found the IP Addresses of the OLD DELICIOUS SERVERS (on Yahoo – which luckily are still live ! – as at 13th Oct 2011)

Edit you hosts file and add: www.delicious.com secure.delicious.com static.delicious.com api.del.icio.us

(this can be found on /etc/hosts on Linux or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows).

After editing this file you can again go to: https://api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/all and you will get ALL your bookmarks you had added to Delicious before the takeover (less the ones you added on the new Avos Server)

Another lesson in what can happen if you let other people take care of your information for free. You get what you pay for. Thank you to Yahoo for making this a nice service for years. But time to take control of my bookmarks again using SemanticScuttle.

Good bye Delicious – it was nice working with you. But I don’t think I like where you are going …