This is Part 3 of the Nokia SIP settings. This time for NodePhone (Internode – Australia). It has been hard to find this information (particularily the Registrar Server settings). NOTE: The Realm setting in the Registrar Server are CASE-SENSITIVE. For some screenshots check the ENGIN Australia setup entry.


Profile name: nodephone

Service profile: IETF

Default access point: {Your WLAN Access Point}

Public user name: sip:{NodePhone Phone No}

User compression: No

Registration: When needed

Use security: No

Proxy Server (not required)

Proxy Server Address: none

Realm: none

Username: none

Password: none

Allow loose routing: none

Transport Type: none

Port : none

Registrar Server:

Registrar Server Address: sip:

Realm: BroadWorks (Note:CASE-SENSITIVE)

User name: {NodePhone Phone No}

Password: *****

Transport type: UDP

Port : 5060

Leo Gaggl

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  1. adam williams

    this is simply brilliant, worked first time no problems with E51. awesome, thanks!

  2. michael

    thats for that it worked a treat made my life a lot easer

  3. J.

    Just updated the firmware on an N95 Next G version, set all the configuration in, and it works. Very happy, thanks for the info.

  4. mike seyfang

    OK, newbie question.
    So, I do all this config

    – where is the UI to perform the SIP registration?
    – do I need to ‘unregister’ my nodephone on my router at home first?

    – not sure what is supposed to happen next, might be hints here:

  5. Mark

    These MNF settings worked with the N80 and E71 that I had, but doesn’t work with the E72 – unless i’m doing something wrong, which I hope I am.

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