This is Part 2 of the Nokia SIP settings. This time for
(Austria), but it should also work for other SIPGate domains. It has
been hard to get this information from the providers themselves. For
some screenshots check the ENGIN Australia setup entry.


Profile name: sipgate
Service profile: IETF
Default access point: {Your WLAN Access Point}
Public user name: sip:{SIPGate UserID}
User compression: No
Registration: When needed
Use security: No

Proxy Server

Proxy Server Address:
Username: {SIPGate UserID}
Password: *****
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport Type: UDP
Port : 5060

Registrar Server:

Registrar Server Address:
User name: {SIPGate UserID}
Password: *****
Transport type: UDP
Port : 5060

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