As people that know me are aware I am not the biggest fan of the iPhone (3G – hello ???), but obviously from a professional perspective it is another phone that is with us and gaining market share (although not much happening in OZ yet). And to be fair it is breaking some technical ground as well (just not in the areas I most need). From my own anecdotal evidence I was expecting a high percentage of users to choose the iPhone because it ‘looks cool’ or is a ‘chick magnet’ – but I can not back this up by an empirical research (yet) ;-).

But nevertheless I found this report a very interesting read:

Rubicon Consulting iPhone Survey

A short summary:

  • Users are generally young(ish) – well – depending on your definition of ‘young’.
  • iPhone users are overall very satisfied with the product.
  • Rather than eating away the competition the iPhone seems to be expanding the smartphone market.  About 50% of iPhone users replaced conventional mobile phones ( most often the Motorola Razr – which is a good thing IMHO ;-) ), about 40% replaced other smartphones (Blackberries & Windows Mobile devices mainly).
  • Usage No.1 is (reading) e-mail – no surprises there.
  • Around 60% browse the web daily on the iPhone and overall the iPhone increases mobile browsing. Over 75% say they do a lot more mobile browsing on it than with their previous mobile.

As the survey is US based hence there needs to be some degree of caution translating findings to other markets, but in general an excellent resource.

Leo Gaggl

ict business owner specialising in mobile learning systems. interests: sustainability, internet of things, ict for development, open innovation, agriculture

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