Having used IP Telephony for a number of years I need a workable SIP client for all of the devices I use. I have found a very capable client for my Android phones (SipDroid) and on Windows/MacOSX I generally use X-Lite (as well as it’s paid version EyePhone) from Counterpath.

Having tried several different Linux SIP clients (Ekiga, Twinkle, …) but all discarded them because of weird UI’s and/or problems with stability I noticed that there is a Linux version of XLite available. Unfortunately on current versions of Ubuntu (10.04) it needs a deprecated version of a library.

Download XLite Linux: http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-3.0-for-linux-download.html

Dowload libstdc++.so.5: http://packages.debian.org/lenny/i386/libstdc++5/download

[you will need root permissions for all of the below]

dpkg -i libstdc++5_3.3.6-18_i386.deb
tar -xzf X-Lite_Install.tar.gz
cd xten-xlite
cp xtensoftphone /usr/sbin
chmod +x /usr/sbin/xtensoftphone
Now you should be able to run:

Enjoy calling from your Ubuntu machine !

EDIT: Since upgrading to Ubuntu 11 (Natty) I have switched to QuteCom

Leo Gaggl

ict business owner specialising in mobile learning systems. interests: sustainability, internet of things, ict for development, open innovation, agriculture

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  1. Cozzuol

    Does not work in Lucid 64.
    I get this error message:
    ./xtensoftphone: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Any suggestion?

  2. voltscommissar

    I’m a fan of twinkle and engin.com.au, but if your solution offers G.729 I definitely want to give it a try…

  3. PCoder


    xten-xlite seems no more available at Couterpath for Ubuntu. Is there any alternative for this or is there a cached version for this?


  4. leogaggl

    Sorry PCoder,

    Not sure if there are any cached versions. I have been looking for alternatives for a while but not been very successful on Linux or Windows.

    However I have had very good results with SIPDroid on Android. I wish there was a decent back-port for this. Keep me posted if you find some. I will keep this article updated if I find some alternative.

  5. Carlos

    Thanks for the info.

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