If you have kids going to school you will know these questions:

  1. Why can’t you have Microsoft Office ?
  2. I can not find ‘xyz’ font on this …. – why ?

I have managed (after some time) to convince my kids that there is no need for having a particular Word Processing Software and they are much better off knowing the concepts of text processing rather than some particular office package. Unfortunately I have had no look convincing many teachers that they should follow a similar principle ….

However the second is a bit harder as some schools specify the font that has to be used (go figure). The fact that this might not be available for all and choosing an open font family has obviously not occurred to many schools.

Hence the need to install some of these fonts:

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts
#to refresh the font cache (or you can reboot)
sudo fc-cache -fv

Note: You will have to enable the “multiverse” repositories in “Software Sources”

Leo Gaggl

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