The latest instalment in my never-ending quest to find a decent SIP client (see Ubuntu SIP I & Ubuntu SIP II) I came across JITSI ( Since the website looked very interesting and the project seems very well maintained ( I decided to give it a go.

The installation is a breeze with a Ubuntu/Debian package available and the installation also adds the repository to keep the package up to date.

After a few test calls it seems to work very well. The UI is much more intuitive than comparable Ubuntu clients. Looks I found my new default client – nice job Jitsi Team.


Leo Gaggl

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  1. Dan

    Awesome – thanks for this suggestion. I will be traveling soon and a good SIP client / VoIP client is huge. Otherwise I can’t do a whole lot of business. Hope this works, thanks! – Dan

  2. George

    I’ve been using Pidgin with OTR (off the record plug-in), but I think Jitsi is a much better all round solution, particularly with the video component. Encryption is a must have for many people nowadays, so this will contribute to the arsenal of tools readily available. There will come a time soon when ALL communications from users onto the Net will be encrypted end-to-end. No more eavesdropping.

  3. peter

    First I hoped Jitsi will work better than linphone. yap, the setup is easy, but the cracking sound on Ubuntu 12.04 makes it useless. I found ( that it isn’t working well on Ubuntu, which has builtin PulseAudio support. In Jitsi you cannot choose PulseAudio, you only have PortAudio or Java. So I’m back to linphone

  4. Ronald Duncan

    SIP on linux is a nightmare. I have also tried lots of softphones currently I use SFLphone, because it had the least bad voice quality. It has pulseaudio support, but you still get echos no matter what echo cancelling setting you use.

    We have an asterix switch and the desk phones and windows softphone all work OK. It is just on linux that I have the echo and other audio problems.

    Crazy since the asterix switch is running on linux.

  5. BuffPuff

    Well, unlike Ronal duncan’s experiene, I hooked up the latest Jitsi 2.2 ubuntu deb and it worked flawlessly with my Asterisk SIP PBX.

    I liked the google contact integration (look for it under advanced menu address book).

    Works with PulseAudio.
    On the ubuntu side I needed to lower the mic volume so it won’t catch background noise or the noise from the headset speakers.

    Overall, one of the best I’ve worked with, including Bria.

  6. BuffPuff

    Wanted to also say that I’m using 13.10

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