Re-index media files on Synology NAS servers

One of the annoying things with Synology NAS servers is the fact that a video file moved to the filesystem does not automatically appear on the DNLA share on client devices. It needs a re-index of the media files.

You can log into the HTML Admin Console and start a re-index, however this will be a full re-index and most likely take ages to complete. A quicker way is to connect to the SSH Console and issue the following command:

synoindex -R video

This will only re-index video files. This can also be used for photos and other media types.

As per documentation here are the other command options.
synoindex -R {all|photo|music|video|thumb} )

Author: Leo Gaggl

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6 thoughts on “Re-index media files on Synology NAS servers”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for this solution. It was driving me crazy (having to reindex after every new set of files was added to the server).

    Having purchased a Synology NAS quite recently I find myself regularly moving music I’ve ripped over to it via my PC so I needed a way to speed up the ridiculous indexing process. The solution you provided works just great. I downloaded Putty and used SSH to reindex using synoindex -R music and the music appeared in the list of available files on all my DLNA hi-fi players very quickly. The music amounts to around 200GB so it seems a lot quicker. I suspect it’s because it doesn’t have to process the photos folder over again as that takes forever. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I don’t understand why they didn’t put this command into the crontab at least, so that it can be updated nightly automatically. In any case, easy enough to do that yourself by editing /etc/crontab.

  3. Hi. Thanks for sharing this very nice tip.
    After take a look at this command I also find this useful option to reindex only a specific directory:
    synoindex -R dirpath

  4. You can also use this by creating a .sh file with the ash console command and let the synology task scheduler run the .sh so it will run automatically at the by you given time.

  5. Excellent fix. I used PuTTY via SSH to re-index my video files in minutes! Thanks Leo.

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