Configuring the Nokia E-Series VoIP client for Engin Australia

Since I had to look all over�for the correct settings and there was a lot of trial and error involved (specially for the Realm). Thanks to Engin Support that finally provided this info after logging a support request. The screenshots are from a Nokia E65, but should be applicable for similar Nokia phones. General Profile name: engin Service profile: IETF Default access point: {Your WLAN Access Point} Public user name: sip:{phone number} User compression: No Registration: When needed Use security: No Proxy Server Proxy Server Address: Realm: Username: {your engin phone number} Password: ***** Allow loose routing: Yes Transport Type: UDP Port : 5060 Registrar Server: Registrar Server Address: Realm: User name: {your engin phone number} Password: ***** Transport type: UDP Port : 5060

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