Using Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) on Ubuntu

Like it or not (personally I am in the second category) Blackboard Collaborate or Elluminate (as it is still more commonly referred to) is something you have a hard time avoiding if you work in online education. I discovered that I have audio issues on some Ubuntu Linux machines and found the following to fix the issues. 1) Install alsa-aoss apt-get install alsa-oss 2) Save the Elluminate Java Webstard (.JNLP) file to a local folder - DO NOT OPEN IN BROWSER 3) Launch Elluminate using this command (in the folder you saved the JNLP) aoss javaws meeting.jnlp Thanks go to all people involved in this forum thread: EDIT: 1) This assumes you are already running Sun (Oracle) Java JRE not the default OpenJDK as apparently Blackboard Collaborate does not play nice with the default OpenJDK. I have described the install on 11.10 here. 2) Make sure you have updated the alternatives for javaws (install only sets the java alternatives). update-alternatives --config javaws    

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