Disable the Guest account from Ubuntu Login Screen

Having a guest account might be useful on a home computer, but it's generally not what I want enabled on a notebook. To disable the default Guest account you need to edit lightdm.conf and add a line (allow-guest=false). sudo vim /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf [SeatDefaults] greeter-session=unity-greeter user-session=ubuntu allow-guest=false Tested in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin & Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

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Installing Java6 JDK on Ubuntu 12.04

UPDATE: [01-May-2012] It appears that this PPA repo is currently broken (does not allow to get GPG key and has unmet dependencies on x84_64). It appears that the install on i386 systems does work anyway if you ignore the GPG key error, but I wouldn't install in that case as PPA installs are security risk enough without GPG errors. UPDATE: [11-May-2012] The reason the PPA does not work is that it has been disabled by Ubuntu due to a licensing issue with (not hard to guess) Oracle. Flexion.org have however created a script (hosted on Github) to allow the automated update of Java 6 for those who still require it as a dependency. wget https://github.com/flexiondotorg/oab-java6/raw/0.2.1/oab-java6.sh -O oab-java6.sh chmod +x oab-java6.sh sudo ./oab-java6.sh Hat tip to Martin Wimpress from Flexion ! UPDATE: [07-Aug-2012] Thanks to a comment from Pierre-Yves Langlois this seems to be the best method (uses the latest version of the Flexion script from Github rather than the version referenced above) sudo apt-get purge sun-java* #You need to do that if you want the mozilla plugin to work without conflict with java7 for instance. mkdir ~/src cd ~/src git clone https://github.com/flexiondotorg/oab-java6.git cd ~/src/oab-java6 sudo ./oab-java.sh Then when its finished, install java: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jdk You can follow the installation process with: tail -f ~/src/oab-java6/oab-java.sh.log Note: If you do not need Java 6 it's much safer to stick to the current Oracle Java 7 release. This is an update to the Java6 install on 11.10 since…

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Installing the latest stable version of LibreCAD on Ubuntu

I have recently been looking at different CAD options on Ubuntu and LibreCAD (http://librecad.org/) is looking like the best option for my needs at current (apart from the wish there would be some DWG support). Since the main Ubuntu repositories are usually a fair bit behind the lastest stable realeases of LibreCAD you need to add the LibreCAD Dev PPA Repository sudo add-apt-repository ppa:librecad-dev/librecad-stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install librecad

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Darktable – Photo Management under Ubuntu

Whilst I am by no means a photographer I do end up taking quite a few photos (these days pretty much exclusively on my phone) and the management of these photos can be a pain. So far I have never found an program worth the pain over plain old file management. But having stumbled across Darktable (http://darktable.org/) I think I might have found a worthwile package. Install on Ubuntu: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install darktable

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Bulk converting Office documents to PDF

When you need to convert multiple documents to PDF for distribution (or from one Office format to another) there are a few utilities around. The most workable I found is the UNOCONV utility which is build on top of LibreOffice / OpenOffice. This uses the OpenOffice conversion facilities rather than a simple PDF print driver. On Ubuntu it can be installed via Software Center or via apt-get from the core repositories. sudo apt-get install unoconv Combined with the -exec option of the Unix find command this makes conversion of whole directory structures a breeze. #find all Word Documents and convert to PDF find . -name "*.doc*" -exec unoconv -f pdf {} \; #find all Powerpoint Documents and convert to PDF find . -name "*.ppt*" -exec unoconv -f pdf {} \; To show all the possible conversion formats you can use: unoconv --show The following list of document formats are currently available: bib - BibTeX [.bib] doc - Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP [.doc] doc6 - Microsoft Word 6.0 [.doc] doc95 - Microsoft Word 95 [.doc] docbook - DocBook [.xml] html - HTML Document (OpenOffice.org Writer) [.html] odt - ODF Text Document [.odt] ott - Open Document Text [.ott] ooxml - Microsoft Office Open XML [.xml] pdf - Portable Document Format [.pdf] rtf - Rich Text Format [.rtf] latex - LaTeX 2e [.ltx] sdw - StarWriter 5.0 [.sdw] sdw4 - StarWriter 4.0 [.sdw] sdw3 - StarWriter 3.0 [.sdw] stw - Open Office.org 1.0 Text Document Template [.stw] sxw - Open Office.org 1.0 Text…

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Jitsi Ubuntu VoIP SIP Client

The latest instalment in my never-ending quest to find a decent SIP client (see Ubuntu SIP I & Ubuntu SIP II) I came across JITSI (http://jitsi.org/). Since the website looked very interesting and the project seems very well maintained (http://jitsi.org/index.php/Main/Screenshots) I decided to give it a go. The installation is a breeze with a Ubuntu/Debian package available and the installation also adds the repository to keep the package up to date. http://download.jitsi.org/jitsi/debian/ After a few test calls it seems to work very well. The UI is much more intuitive than comparable Ubuntu clients. Looks I found my new default client - nice job Jitsi Team.  

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Installing Samsung Multifunction Printer – Ubuntu 11.10

Getting Multifunction Printers to scan under Linux can be a bit of a pain. The Samsung SCX-3400 I had to install recently was no exception. Here are the necessary steps I had to perform: Ignore all Samsung Provided CD's and downloads. They do not work under Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) Add Samsung Unified Driver repository http://www.bchemnet.com/suldr/smfpv3.html Install Samsung drivers and libsane-extras Edit sane configuration files vim /etc/apt/sources.list #add the Samsung Unified Driver Repo deb http://www.bchemnet.com/suldr/ debian extra wget http://www.bchemnet.com/suldr/suldr.gpg apt-key add suldr.gpg apt-get update apt-get install samsungmfp-data samsungmfp-driver samsungmfp-network samsungmfp-scanner samsungmfp-configurator-data samsungmfp-configurator-qt4 libsane-extras The following sane config files need to be modified (add lines) /etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf # Samsung SCX-3400 usb 0x04e8 0x344f /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules # Samsung SCX-3400 ATTRS{idVendor}=="04e8", ATTRS{idProduct}=="344f", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes" The entries above are for the SCX-3400 model. To find the USB ID's for other models use sane-find-scanner Thanks to the following Ubuntu Forum participants for providing some the tips: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/installation-samsung-scx/

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Installing VideoLAN VLC 2.0 on Ubuntu 11.10

With the release of the final VLC 2.0 player you need to add a back-port (the next version 12.04 will have it included in the main repositories) PPA to Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install vlc Thanks to Nate Muench for providing this !

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Finding a Notepad++ alternative / replacement on Ubuntu

One of the most important utilities on any computer is a decent text editing tool. Since there are as literally hundreds of text-editors out there you would think it is an easy task to find a similar one for each platform.   by  Thomas Hawk  After years of trialing on various Windows platforms I have found Notepad++ to be the most useful of them all (closely followed by EMEditor which I used for years before Notepad++). Since I have now switched to Ubuntu completely it was necessary to find a permanent alternative on that platform since Notepad++ is only available on Windows. The requirements list in order of priority: Fast & Native (reading NOT Java or similar runtime requirements) Excellent Search & Replace (which is where most fail ....) Lightweight Simple GUI (reading NOT an IDE) Potential Candidates Scite Scite was my first try since it is based on the same engine as Notepad++. I have used it for a number of months but was never really happy with it. Issues with "Find in Files" functionality have been the final issue that make me move on. http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html Geany I came across this one very recently and after a short trial period grown to really like it. Apart   from it's silly name and very ugly icon it really has got the nicest overall balance of speed and functionality. And most importantly it also has very decent in-built search & replace functions. This includes "Find in Files" functionality which actually works. http://www.geany.org/ Vim (Cream) Since vim is my command-line text editor of choice for years I was…

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Getting a handle on Ubuntu mobile power management

To get an idea on the current power usage and some suggestions on how to improve power-management 'powertop' is a must-have. sudo apt-get install powertop Powertop Screenshot For some more detailed suggestions this is a good start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower

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